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Barwon Brake and Clutch's Paul MoorfootBarwon Brake and Clutch is the preferred choice for vehicle owners seeking professional brake and clutch servicing and repairs in Geelong and surrounding districts.

Under the guidance of recognised and respected brake and clutch technician Paul Moorfoot, Barwon Brake and Clutch provides an array of clutch and brake maintenance services to Geelong for an extensive range of vehicles.

We stock a range of clutch and brake parts in Geelong, with a wide choice of components for Australian and imported vehicles, from classics and four-wheel drives to the latest state-of-the-art machines. Barwon Brake and Clutch delivers the results drivers expect and deserve, at the right price.

Geelong car, caravan and trailer brakes servicing

As well as car brakes, Barwon Brake and Clutch also services, maintains and repairs brakes for Geelong caravan and trailer owners, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers on journeys from as short as a trip to the waste transfer station right through to the demands of a caravanning adventure around Australia.

Clutch and brake restoration work is a specialty but just one component of the array of services available at Barwon Brake and Clutch.

Range of brake and clutch services for Geelong

Our brake and clutch servicing and repairs for Geelong and district include:

Disc and drum brake machining

Buying new brake discs or brake drums is not always an option, and not always necessary. Barwon Brake and Clutch can bring new life to tired brakes with our affordable brake machining. Our tried and true techniques using the latest machinery will refurbish and extend the life of drum and disc brakes.

Flywheel grinding

Barwon Clutch and Brake uses specialised flywheel grinding equipment to recondition clutch plates and flywheels, ensuring a flat surface with uniformity of thickness. For flywheel grinding in Geelong district, we like to think we’re up with the best.

Brake caliper overhauls

Brakes work hard and can never ever let you down, which is why it’s crucial to regularly overhaul brake calipers and ensure they’re working perfectly. Barwon Brake and Clutch will assess your vehicle’s brake calipers, from the dust boots, brake pads, pistons and brake lines, right through to the final finish on the calipers. It’s our job to keep you safe, and our brake caliper overhauls help ensure your vehicle stops when it should.

Brake pipe manufacture and fitting

Brake pipes have to fit through and around tight spaces in vehicles. Barwon Brake and Clutch designs, makes and installs brake pipes that fit seamlessly into your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Clutch and brake cable manufacture

Barwon Brake and Clutch takes its commitment to client safety so seriously it insists on creating many of its brake and clutch parts in Geelong rather than sourcing them from third parties. Clutch and brake cables are among those products we control closely, manufacturing our own for clients’ vehicles. We can make clutch and brake cables for unique vehicles or special applications. Keeping road users safe is our number one priority and the range of custom brake and clutch cables made in our Geelong workshop helps ensure we deliver on our commitment and obligation to vehicle owners.

Clutch and brake fitting

Barwon Brake and Clutch doesn’t just repair, maintain and service brakes and clutches in Geelong, we also fit them to vehicles. We have a lifetime of experience working with brakes and clutches and our clients benefit from the knowledge and skills we have acquired during an extensive career in the motor vehicle industry.

Caravan and trailer brakes

Avoid surprises when towing the caravan, boat or trailer. Let our experienced Geelong caravan and trailer brake service team inspect, assess and ensure your van or trailer brakes are working as they should.

Clutch replacement for cars, utes and 4WD vehicles

Need a new clutch, or parts for that clutch? You’re in the right place. Barwon Brake and Clutch provides a wide range of clutch replacement components for a range of domestic, commercial and recreation vehicles.

Barwon Brake and Clutch has regular specials on its brake and clutch parts

Make sure you contact Barwon Brake and Clutch in Geelong for brake and clutch repairs, servicing and maintenance for all vehicles. Call (03) 5229 4421 or visit us at Unit 5/10 Lambert Ave, Geelong.